Frequently Asked Questions

BOUNDLESS, the College of Charleston’s largest-ever comprehensive fundraising campaign, culminated on June 30, 2016. It marks a new era of distinction at the College, with record-breaking achievements that include the amount of funds raised, the number of donors who participated and the level of alumni engagement. Now is our time!

  1. What is the BOUNDLESS Campaign?

    BOUNDLESS: The Campaign for the College of Charleston was the College’s $125 million comprehensive fundraising initiative supporting the College of Charleston experience for students, faculty, alumni and friends and helping the College reach the goals outlined in its strategic plan. Formally begun in October 2009, BOUNDLESS concluded on June 30, 2016.

  2. Why did the College of Charleston initiate a campaign?

    The College launched BOUNDLESS for five key reasons:

    1. to raise at least $125 million for key priorities in strengthening the College’s future,
    2. to enhance the College’s nearly 250-year history of excellence in liberal arts and sciences,
    3. to grow the College’s national profile and reputation,
    4. to accomplish the goals outlined in the College’s strategic plan and
    5. to bolster a sustainable culture of philanthropy and donor engagement.

    BOUNDLESS helped the College achieve greater impact in these campus-wide priorities:

    • scholarships,
    • annual giving funds and
    • academic and student programs.
  3. Did the BOUNDLESS campaign reach its goal?

    The campaign achieved one of its goals in December 2015, raising more than $125 million in gifts, pledges and estate intentions. However, BOUNDLESS represents more than achieving a financial goal: It is a catalyst ensuring the College’s future excellence and distinction.

  4. When will funds raised during the BOUNDLESS Campaign be spent?

    Funds raised during BOUNDLESS are designated by donors. Some of these funds have been spent, will be spent upon receipt or will be spent as part of the College’s endowment. Endowed funds are invested for the long term, and the interest on those invested funds are spent to support the donor’s designation. To learn more about how endowed funds are managed at the College, please visit the College of Charleston Foundation’s website:

  5. How have the funds raised during the BOUNDLESS campaign impacted campus?

    More than 70 percent of BOUNDLESS funds went toward scholarships and academic and student enhancements, resulting in thousands of scholarships awards and many new program funds. New faculty funds were also created, as were annual giving funds that support the needs of students, faculty, programs and departments.

  6. How do the BOUNDLESS Campaign funds fit in with the annual operating budget at the College of Charleston?

    Philanthropic support helps create and maintain a “margin of excellence” at the College of Charleston. While the College’s annual operating budget is comprised of tuition payments and state appropriations, the funds raised during the BOUNDLESS Campaign are specifically directed by the donors. Therefore, the College cannot redirect them to other areas.

  7. How will the funds raised during the BOUNDLESS Campaign be distributed, and who determines their distribution?

    Donors direct funds to a variety of campus priorities, including academic and athletic programs and new or existing scholarships. Based on the donor’s wishes, the respective campus administrator then uses those funds accordingly.

  8. Is there a BOUNDLESS fund?

    While there is no one BOUNDLESS fund that specifically represents the campaign, gifts to all campus funds during the campaign are counted. Donors wishing to make the most impact campuswide are directed to the College of Charleston Fund.

  9. What is the College of Charleston Fund and what is its role in the BOUNDLESS Campaign?

    The College of Charleston Fund supports students, professors, programs and departments across campus. It is the primary channel for supporting the core values of the College and its greatest assets. Each year, the College of Charleston Fund provides more than 240 students with much-needed scholarship support. Although the BOUNDLESS Campaign has concluded, donors are highly encouraged to continue supporting the College of Charleston Fund.

  10. What happens now that the BOUNDLESS Campaign has concluded?

    BOUNDLESS is the springboard for future momentum. The College will build on the campaign’s success and continue cultivating a sustainable culture of philanthropy to support the immediate and long-term needs of the College of Charleston.